[eDebate] Legends vs. Legend Killers: Who's Next?

Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Mon Dec 4 14:48:44 CST 2006

I'm still holding my breath for Ken Johnson and Mick Saunders--In honor of
Mark West.

I'm also personally calling out Shatskin if he still reads edebate.


On 12/4/06, Joseph Carver <carrolltondebate at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have to admit that my first blush on this Open Heart idea was
> dismissive- too much nostalgia plus I have just barely stuck around long
> enough for people to stop remembering how bad I was - but then it occured to
> me that there are some teams I would pay to see so I thought I would jot
> them down.
> 1 Jason Petersen and Don Baker - the early version of Petersen and Kloster
> with a hillbilly edge and a west coast fight streak. This team could would
> be brutal
> 2 Greg Achten and Caleb Feeler- No way Greg would consent nor is it likely
> that the State of Texas probation department would  either.
> 3 Thompson and Hopper - Old school SMS unafraid to read affirmatives
> without advocates and in the running for greatest size disparity
> partnership. Plus it was awesome when Hoppers girlfriend showed up and
> threatened to kill everyone
> 4 Scott Harris and anyone - self explanatory....genius
> 5 Tim Mahoney and Matt Roskoski- First Kansas school to run to CEDA,
> innovators of the 5 word piece of evidence
> 6 Glueboy and M Barreto - in the " It still moves" category, I would like
> to see if Foy can make it happen
> 7 Thad Blank and Charles Olney- genius that will make you yawn yourself to
> death
> 8 Jason Regnier and Joe Ramsey- Every good party HAS to have music, chair
> dancing and a demand that we give the land back ( Kansas is a good state to
> start with )
> 9 Peter Ferguson and Madison Laird- Dust of Jay Busse, LMU is back
> 10 Elizabeth and Will Repko - I have seen Biza get it done with ALOT
> less.
> These are just a few but now I am sorta in the spirit.
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