[eDebate] open heart open retreat

Michael Souders micksouders
Thu Dec 7 10:05:13 CST 2006

 harris was just telling me how his entry would crush the division because
of the fear it would strike into the "hearts" of so many.  jake is the
first.  i predict kearney will be second to back out but the entire judging
pool might beat him to the punch.

after prelims and elims harris plans to go 12-0 against debaters, 2-0
against judges who sit out, and 5-0 against judges who vote for him but for
stupid reasons.

an aside: kearney beating harris might be sweet, but losing to him...would
you even be able to speak after rounds after such an event other than to
ask "thank you sir. may i have another?"  my guess is that you would never
win another round scott judged because, well, he wouldn't want to
lose his streak against you.

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