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Michael Souders micksouders
Thu Dec 7 13:21:19 CST 2006

> I disagree with Mick's assessment of Harris's record however.  I think
> he loses a round to the "what school did you take your kids to today"
> criticism.  : )

 wrong.  this is the definition of a non-unique disad.  besides, what's the
impact?  the NV2L?  ha!  harris has ev:

Harris, Every Single Tournament 05-Present
"That argument is so stupid.  And wrong.  I get value to life every
time bradley hits a homerun.  I should find them and tell them that.  Are
they gonna say my son has no value to his life?  Bet they won't say it to
my face. God, I love sports.   That argument is so STUPID."
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