[eDebate] "performance" debate hits the media

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Dec 12 12:54:25 CST 2006

A funny aside,

Would most of you have predicted that I was one of the judges in the
following two rounds mentioned in the article:

1. A similar Cinderella story unfolded at Fullerton, where Bruschke,
Warner's former classmate, had assumed the helm. Bruschke stumbled onto
performance debating in 1997, when his team faced top-ranked Emory
University at a tournament. Arguing the topic of how to deal with unexploded
mines in Vietnam, a Fullerton debater unexpectedly transformed a discourse
on Jean-Paul Sartre and personal responsibility into a story about how she
was molested as a child. "I had no idea what she was doing," Bruschke said,
but somehow she tied it all back to mines. The audience was stunned.
Fullerton advanced to the final four, and Bruschke realized the power of
personal narratives.

2. Another contest pitted a Fort Hays student dancing with a chair against a
Northwestern team reading the script of "Dr. Strangelove." The topic was
federal control of Native American land.
"It was a wild debate," Shanahan said. "Strangelove" prevailed.


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