[eDebate] Which topic?

gabe murillo gabejmurillo
Sat Jul 1 10:02:09 CDT 2006

I largely agree with Brett, 

the concern about the ability of "overrule...decision"
to limit the topic makes the smaller lists a no risk
option. if people are correct that judges will not
naturally limit the topic, then we need a small base
of cases to begin with. If others are correct and this
topic will not get out of control, 4 cases still
provides ample room for aff creativity, especially
given the nature of the four cases on the second list
of 4 cases (ex parte quirin casey milikin and
morrison). I disagree that gratz and milikin provide
the same educational benefit (these aff's are more
complicated then just "racism bad"), but I think
brett's conclusion is correct. let "policy teams" have
quirin (I don't think any K teams would complain about
debate against this aff), but make sure to protect
against too large of a topic. 

I think conor's fear that ex parte quirin casey
milikin and morrison do not provide a diverse amount
of legal issues to debate is a little exaggerated,
morrison is about more then just VAWA, milikin
accesses a lot of interesting legal issues, and casey
provides a wealth of diverse legal issues to debate. i
don't think that this concern is a reason to risk a
larger topic. 

I do think it is sad that there isn't a smaller topic
with the death penalty aff. I think this is an
incredably important issue. but I don't think it
justifies a) excluding quirin or b) a list with 8

and as far as education goes, I stick with my claim
from my previous post that the most educational thing
to do is to allow aff diversity to stem from aff
advantage creativity. especially given the complexity
of the cases, and the general lack of knowledge about
how the supreme court works. give people 4 cases and
let them figure out how to produce an affirmative they
can latch on to. ex parte quirin casey milikin and
morrison provide plenty of room for teams to be
creative. and the research skills and critical
thinking that is necessary for this creatitivity is
one of the greatest avenues for education. 

I think its important to include quirin. after years
of talking about exclusion I think it would be short
sighted for people to try to exclude traditional
impact teams from having access to an aff they enjoy.
weighing that concern against concerns about the size
of the topic makes ex parte quirin casey milikin and
morrison the best list of cases. 
another excluded senior :) getting his "voice out"

gabe murillo
wayne state  

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