[eDebate] omar -- the draft argument is weak

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sat Jul 1 13:38:01 CDT 2006

at the top, there seems to be some implication in your rhetoric that 
modelling resistance on the vietnam war is weak because it is modelling.   
the history of non-violent civil disobedience is based on modelling.  the 
vietnam war resisters modelled their tactics on MLK and the civil rights 
movement who modelled their tactics on the indian indepedence movement.   
the history of resistance of social movements is always informative to the 
movements of the day.   the anti-vietnam war resisters knew that civil 
disobedience works from their understanding of history and that is why they 
chose sit ins.

many students of today "oppose" the war but have no strategy whatsoever.   
the high school and college debate communities -- policy and otherwise -- 
are a perfect example.   i challenge these students because many of them and 
their teachers supposedly take critical philosophical and political 
literature seriously.   i will post soon my explanations in the archives of 
how the french civil disobedience movements supported and engineered by 
foucault have been transformed into purely philosophical classroom 
discussions in the united states.   foucault modelled his resistance to the 
prison system and other forms of control on the anti-algerian colonial 
movement and the Resistance by the anarcho-syndicalists and others to the 
nazi occupation of france.   canguilhem was his philosopher/scientist 
predecessor who played an active role in the disobedience of the Resistance.

talking about resistance will never cross threshold of disobedience until it 
is disallowed.   the neoconservative controllers are smart enough to allow 
discussion that "opposes" the war so long as it poses no realistic threat to 
the war.   i think that policy debate students in particular have some idea

first of all, the iraqis are largely modelling their resistance to the 
american forces on the vietnamese model which is not "their" model, per se, 
but modern guerilla warfare.   we have an unwinnable war with a propaganda 
machine that keeps enough public support to keep it from ending immediately. 
   military stategists and political analysts speak of kicking the "vietnam 
syndrome" for a reason.  they LOST that war because of resistance in vietnam 
and the united states.

many things have strategically changed since vietnam to make sure that the 
successful anti-war strategies from that era do not replicate their success:

1) the "liberal" media is no longer allowed to show body bags and have 
restricted access.   embedded cheerleaders have the only access to the 
persistent murder that could enable the reporting from vietnam that turned 
public opinion against the war.  guess what, corporations with military 
industrial complex interest bought into the television stations post vietnam 
to prevent the "liberal" media to prevent a redux.

2) the draft has not been instated, YET.   a ground war with iran and syria 
might make the draft inevitable.   rangel keeps putting his bill on the 
floor.   the draft is not necessary at this time and the invasion relied 
more heavily on air strikes than vietnam did.   i agree that students are 
more hestitant to protest because there is not yet a draft but think that is 
unfortunate because the draft has not been imposed largely to convince 
students not to protest.


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