[eDebate] military academic complex

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sun Jul 2 12:54:15 CDT 2006

first site on student/faculty complicity with the war and militarization of 
US culture.  i make the argument that university intimidation of sit ins is 
part of the strategy of greater military control of higher education.   we 
see less sit ins and the expansion of military contracts.  the authorities 
know that sit ins are dangerous to their plans and that is why they convince 
students/faculty to control themselves teaching them all of the intellectual 
justifications for not taking action against the militarization of 


"The power of the Pentagon extends beyond an ability to frame or dictate 
research goals to significant parts of our civilian education establishment. 
Higher education's dependence on federal dollars empowers the DoD to bend 
universities ever more easily to its will. For example, as Chalmers Johnson 
notes, until August 2002, Harvard Law School "managed to bar recruiters for 
the Judge Advocate General's Corps of the military because qualified 
students who wish to serve are rejected if they are openly gay, lesbian or 
bisexual." However, thanks to a quick reinterpretation of federal law, the 
Pentagon found itself able to threaten Harvard with a loss of all its 
federal university funding, some $300 million, if its law school denied 
access to military recruiters. Unable to fathom life ripped from the federal 
teat, Harvard caved, ushering in a new era of dwindling academic autonomy 
and growing military control of the university."

the next site has a chart at the bottom called "Institutions in Service of 
the Warfare State".   UT is third most militarized university in the nation. 
    USC is fourth.  Berkeley is up there @ 17.   UC San Diego.  UC Santa 
Barbara.   Michigan State has some particularly sinister programs.  
Michigan.  Georgetown.  NWestern.   these are all universities with debate 
programs where student tuition directly contributes to mass murder.   stop 
the military invasion of student life.   debate only is not good enough.


it is no surprise that UT debate students despite their "famous" kritical 
heritage do nothing to fight university military contracts.   they are busy 
raising awareness in the debate community about disciplinary power, 
discrimination and other philosophical critiques.   they bought into the 
shamaham depoliticization tactic that strips students of any agency other 
than speaking in the classroom.  they have no real answer to the gordon 
mitchell critique of contest round only debate.   the UT students are afraid 
of wielding power and forcing their authorities to stop supporting the iraq 
murder fest.   they are comfortable with their tuition dollars funding the 
US military and the US military controlling their education.    they are in 
line with korcok on debate and kritical thinking skills and the benefits of 
depoliticization and have no answer to the foucault arguments on 
micro-complicity with intolerable policies.   the spanos kritik is a 
hypothetical game toy for the UT debaters and always has been.   UT debaters 
have no strategy to actually combat militarization.   talking only is what 
the authorities want because talking only leads to greater militarization 
that keeps happening as time goes by.   the UT students are numb bystanders 
with their kritik fingers up their ass....

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