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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sun Jul 2 14:28:00 CDT 2006

only 1 response matters.  Walid has proven my point in the ugliness of the last week.
the word "ideology" typically means an elaborated system of ideas which serves to organize understanding on disparate issues.  used pejoratively, it means that any given issue is filtered so thoroughly through that elaborated system that almost nothing is left contingent on the particular facts of the specific case.
for Walid, it literally doesn't matter what the facts are about the US liberation of Iraq:  his mind was made up independently of any evidence by his pre-existing hatred of the United States.  the body count too low?  there must be hundreds of secret death camps in the desert!  no one says there are lots of secret death camps in the desert?  that must be because the nefarious capitalist media henchmen are keeping them secret.  and so on and so on.
the ideology question is not a matter of whether or not you are open-minded in general.  it is a question of whether your conclusions are contingent on the evidence and argument involved in the particular issue or whether there is an elaborated system of ideas that forces conclusions regardless of the facts.
much of religious belief is structured the same way:  the elaborated system of ideas typically function to make evidence and data irrelevant.
and debate is the antidote because it generates critical thinking.  
please let debate do what only debate can do:  open minds to the skillful acquisition and processing of evidence in the reasoned formation of judgements.
have a good sunday,
Michael Korcok
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