[eDebate] do hoe+korcok work for halliburton or fox news?

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sun Jul 2 21:30:17 CDT 2006

nice tony snow spin on the war, hoe.   swallowin fox news for kicks these 

iraq is better off without saddam.  is that the real story behind the war or 
the IDEOLOGICAL SPIN behind the seizure of oil fields?  halliburton is way 
better off without saddam with a 600% increase in contracts which of course 
is not a conflict of interest with the vice-president who should be 
impeached and not defended for deliberately causing civil war for oil:


then there's the email that suggests army corps of engineers lied about 
cheney's role in awarding no bid contracts:


why are you promoting the spin that masks the conflict of interest and the 
real motive for war?

the Project for a New American Century to which Cheney belonged planned the 
war well before 9/11 and based their reasoning on the Wurmser book.    
officials from the first term confirm that bush wanted to oust saddam before 
9/11.  if you don't think that the primary motive is profits for 
halliburton, then you are smoking crack.   the iraq is better off without 
saddam is the halliburton ideology.

if you don't think cheney is getting paid under the table for his role in 
awarding a 600% increase in no bid contracts through the offshore caymans 
accounts he set up while CEO, then you are smoking crack.


"Congress reported that Halliburton owns 17 subsidiaries in tax haven 
countries, including 13 in the Cayman Islands, which has no corporate income 
tax, two in Liechtenstein and two in Panama.

An analysis by CitizenWorks.org found a far greater number Halliburton tax 
havens. The nonprofit public interest group found that, while Dick Cheney 
was CEO of Halliburton (between 1995 and 2000), the number of Halliburton 
subsidiaries incorporated in offshore tax havens rose from 9 to 44." unquote

this war has nothing to do with a better life for iraqis.   this war has to 
do with military occupation of the oil fields and profits for dick cheney.  
those who stretch ideological justifications for this disgusting abuse of 
power which is a blatant conflict of interest are incompetent and blind.  
murder for oil good      b/c we ousted saddam -- that's fucking brilliant "i 

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