[eDebate] the zero percent doctrine on warrantless surveillance

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Mon Jul 3 12:45:12 CDT 2006

the cheneyite is paranoid that freedom has enemies so the young cheneyite 
wiretaps and surveys all people possible basically destroying privacy 
because even if there is a zero percent chance the majority of people under 
surveillance are actually terrorists the elimination of privacy is good for 
hyper national security reasons.   worse the zero percent chance terrorists 
called peace activists become terrorists because they oppose the war and 
"validate the terrorists" despite the rising al qaeda recruitment post 
saddam removal.  the wiretapping of everybody is used to infiltrate destroy 
the peace movement.   great doctrine for democracy.   to promote democracy 
abroad and protect freedom home we must destroy the constitution, the young 
cheneyite studders.

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