[eDebate] korcok meter

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Mon Jul 3 13:17:58 CDT 2006

his only argument is so far is ousting saddam good b/c less murder.  he's 
pretty cute as o'reilly's little operative.

dropped on the flow and ross and tuna know it no matter how nice you reply 
to them.

1) no apology or explanation for plame outing.  korcok sticks to republican 
shoot the messenger guns in war time apparently for national security 
reasons.   celebrates rove "exoneration".
2) evisceration of constitution and public debate through misinformation, 
secrecy and party loyalty/patriotism tactics.  korcok signed petition but 
now is traitor to public debate.
3) white house memo where bush advocates painting US planes like UN planes 
in attempt to get saddam to fire for casus bellus.
4) army corps of engineers email that hides cheney's role in 600% increase 
in no bid contracts awards to halliburton.   oil not liberation = primary 
5) reporters inside iraq suggesting that there are many more hadithas 
covered up and when they surface you only say "get the big picture and stop 
turning daily murder stories into exaggerated claims of murder".   cover ups 
are happening daily and coming forward weekly.

where's the grand nixon/secrecy/watergate/iran contra good arg/apologia in 
the ledeen books?   national security national security national security 
national security --- come on, korcok if you want fox news anchor you are 
going to have become more republican than an independent who votes 
republican and sticks to rational, deliberative defenses of the war.   
hysteria and fear are the keys to your advocacy.   you need to do a much 
better job promoting them so you can get to all the dropped args you can't 

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