[eDebate] radford wrong

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Tue Jul 4 20:55:24 CDT 2006

it's a free speech list serv.   i don't write with the intention of reaching 
the debate masses though i do speak to the community as a whole.  you are 
whining and not making arguments which your community agrees is bad debate.

the rove petition came on the heels of my demands and "reasoning" for one 
and it was read on the floor of the congress but i guess you haven't been 
paying close attention to this list over the years.

ross smith has supported the idea that only cites but whole cards be 
catalogued to deemphasize evidence superiority of the financial debate 
powerhouses.   the idea was initiated on edebate.   a few good ideas is good 
enough for me.

you don't know what you are talking about.   many hate me.  great.  it's not 
a popularity contest.

i hunger struck for 7 days in front of the UN on the 50th anniversary of the 
invasion of tibet with other activists.   i was seattle in '99.   la and 
philly 2000.  i don't just write emails only for my activism.   i will join 
any sit in on the UT austin campus that takes over the president's office 
but since i am neither student or faculty i don't want to initiate.   i will 
surrender my job and residence to fight the war through civil disobedience.

i was a debater.   debate is a logical place for me to voice my opinions 
like any other debater.

sorry you aren't quick enough to multi-task and write posts while you do 
whateverelse you do.  i accept typos in my posts because i am multi-tasking 
on the fly.

Don?t just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search! 

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