[eDebate] campus hunger strikes mentioned by culp

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jul 5 13:38:44 CDT 2006

again, i encourage debate students to NOT ONLY protest the war but the 
evisceration of the constitution and the assault on public debate by the 
administration.   i think it's your UNIQUE responsibility.   debate thinkers 
should produce debate/constitution defenses for the protestors outlining the 
tactics of the bush administration to belittle the importance of public 
debate as well as a defense of constitutional principles of democracy.  the 
role of the war in the consolidation of executive power should be paid into 
a public issue so we can rollback the transition to dictatorship.   also, i 
think the military academic complex argument should not be overlooked and is 
needed to tie the universities into culpability.

i also encourage sit ins in the president's office to create more of the 
dramatic tension that MLK was talking about and better sabotage the 
university war machine.    i am not opposed to hunger strikes but think that 
intelligent debate students who are staying fed and occupy a building for 
more months will be able to articulate a detailed case against the 
administration and the war that could be more effective than the hunger 
strikes.   blogs could be used to spread the messages of the occupiers, 
provide a wall of defense against university backlash and revilatize a 
national discussion of the historical role of civil disobedience in 

thanks culp.   much appreciation for your information on the hunger strikes.

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