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Lexington, KY, July 1, 2006


In the first annual Kentucky Fellows Debate, Fellows Kathy Bowen, Gulliver
Prep, and Jonathan Warsh, Groves High School, defended the affirmative and
Bill Gerath, Bishop Guertin, and Michael Fields, Pace Academy, defended the
negative.  Following the debate, Instructor Cyrus Ghavi, Emory University,
filed the following report:

?Kathy Bowen rang in the 2006 Kentucky Fellows Debate Series with a swift
1AC that had more than just a hint of cowbell. She ardently argued that the
United States needs to eliminate the military policy known as ?Don?t Ask
Don?t Tell? (DADT).  The affirmative outlined two main reasons that the plan
was desirable: first, that it would solve societal homophobia, and second,
that it would stop the erosion of U.S. hegemony caused by DADT.
Bill Gerath showed the status quo a whole lotta love in his leisurely 1NC.
Three disadvantages were read: a midterm election disad (the plan stops the
democrats from winning, causing economic collapse), a civil-military
relations disad (generals in the military will backlash against the plan,
sending a signal causing worldwide coups), and a military spending tradeoff
disad (current spending key to regional deterrence).  These arguments were
bolstered by several arguments on each advantage. For good measure, he threw
in a procedural, arguing that the affirmative must directly increase the
number of people serving (i.e. via conscription) instead of removing
barriers to service.
Jonathan Warsh had the eye of the tiger in the 2AC as he straight turned the
elections disad by arguing the plan will anger the republican voting bloc so
much that they will not turnout in the midterms. He also claimed that by
ending judicial deference to the military, the plan actually helps CMR.
While the 2AC had already given us a hint, the 2NC made it clear that if the
neg was to emerge triumphant, it would not be chalked up to being faster.
Michael Fields severed the spending disad from the neg?s responsibility and,
after briefly extending some case arguments, spent the bulk of his speech
extending CMR. The speech was marked by particularly impressive impact work
with several carded arguments explaining that the disad turned the case.
Bill reappeared in the 1NR to extend the rest of case and the midterms
disad, arguing that the affs ?link turns? were actually links because
angering the GOP base would cause greater turnout.
Answering the block?s sophisticated arguments might have seemed daunting to
the average debater ? but if there?s one thing I?ve learned about this
Fellow?s class is that they never throw in the towel, especially Kathy. She
spent a significant amount of time defending the case before moving on to
the disads. Despite a lack of time pressure, however, there was no answer to
the neg?s argument that CMR turns the homophobia advantage. To her credit,
there was the earth-shattering argument that CMR doesn?t turn the hegemony
advantage ?because the plan increases CMR.?
Fields was so excited by the 1AR?s response (or lack thereof) to his impact
arguments that he decided to kick out of the straight-turned midterms disad
by spending about 15 seconds total extending a uniqueness card, an
analytical link-turn takeout, and a new 2NR argument about why his impact
?actually wasn?t that good.? While his arguments about the disad turning
hegemony were prominent in the speech, an extension of the dropped ?disad
turns homophobia? argument was shockingly missing.
Warsh spent the 2AR going for his midterms link turns and trying to prove
that the midterms impact, along with the case, outweighed any risk of CMR.
The students were given time to deliberate and ultimately decided that the
negative won on a tight 25-24 decision. Representing the staff, I voted for
the affirmative.? 

JW Patterson
KNDI Director 

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