[eDebate] 1%

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Fri Jul 7 15:54:21 CDT 2006

korcok is rambling.

the bush administration can say it treats all 1% security threats as a 
certainty but the problem is that the deterrent value of the language is 
lost when they do nothing about many obvious security threats.   the goal is 
not to eliminate threats but to create an infinite threat and an infinite 
war for decades to come to pad the linings of the MIC pockets that fund 
republican campaign coffers.   this is a post-cold war stretch.

the argument coming from suskind is the idea that 1% = selective preemptive 
warfare.   for example, why was iraq targeted first before iran, syran, 
north korea, palestine etc when they all form one terror network according 
to wurmser and the neocons?   potentially greater threats slid down the 
chain b/c iraq was easiest to defeat w best public relations strategy with 
most oil.   1% = convenient opportunism

the 1% doctrine also nullifies the relevance of iraqi possession of WMDs or 
possession of WMDs by any other future invasee.   korcok says he is 
"pro-debate" but he keeps validating the doctrine that denigrates policy 
analysis and discussion.  even if policy analysis and debate suggest that a 
selective preemptive action is unwarranted, it doesn't matter b/c 1% is 
always possible.   1% = certainty = no debate necessary.   add that formula 
to the coming sunset comissions on domestic policy that will allow the 
republicanos to eliminate federal programs without burdensome policy debate 
and you got a total anti-debate administration/anti-debate republican party 
that is trying to steamroll any semblance of a democratic party.

the 1% doctrine is a formula for the modified dictatorship i have been 
talking about that over consolidates power in the hands of the executive 
branch, breaches the constitution, delinks policy from debate and overrides 
activist judges.   the military society korcok wetdreams about over in 
israel is being built here on the 1% doctrine.

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