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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sat Jul 8 02:05:59 CDT 2006

yah, i neither advocate nor endorse the 1% doctrine:  still thinking it through.  my point was that the lib bloggers just had no clue what it was.
having said that, i don't want to dismiss it outright, either.  so some answers.
1)  it kills innocent people
it does and that is not good.  but certainly that is not the end of the story.  if it succeeds then it may well end up saving more innocent lives than it takes.
you know, like the death penalty debate.  capital punishment means dead people but if Emory's Economics Department is right, each execution prevents 8 murders.  those 8 people that don't get murdered are also innocent.
2) you might not notice them screwing with you
they were certainly already screwing with the US.  they flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon for example.  this was a move to try to let them know that screwing with the US just got a lot riskier and costlier.  and it seems to me to be designed to avoid exactly your worry:  rather than playing the regular game of trying to figure out who is and isn't a huge threat, it warns potential enemies that even the appearance of impropriety will cost them.and this seems to me a potentially productive response in the context of proliferation and terrorism.  hey, if the commies in the USSR are the threat, you can play a nuanced game with them.  at least as much as you can do anything nuanced with a bunch of drunken commie morons.  but when the threats are much more ambiguous, stealthed, proxy, and uncertain...  perhaps "don't even think about looking at the US funny" is what is needed to make them begin to behave.
anyway, whether or not the 1% doctrine will actually work is way past my pay grade...  and absent a good sense of whether or not it has good chances of success, I am certainly not prepared to endorse or denigrate it.
Michael Korcok
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