[eDebate] AT: Korcok

Aaron Klemz ehrlenmeyerflask
Sat Jul 8 17:12:50 CDT 2006

Hi Mike -

Indeed, life is treating me well. It's good to engage again with folks I 
argued and debated with. I hope that things are well for you too.

Nonetheless, I find your response vexing. You stated, to the best of my 
recollection, that you "had heard no answers" to the Cheney doctrine. I 
endeavored to provide one, and Jason answered in the same vein.

Now you dismiss my response, and Jason's, with a "you've made up your mind" 
sleight of hand that I do not find satisfying - especially from one who 
publicly champions deliberation. I did not insult, I simply made an 

Having an opinion and arguments to back it up is not the equivalent of being 
dogmatic. I'd hope that you of all people would understand that, since your 
recent defense of the Iraq invasion using UNICEF figures about life 
expectancy, etc., seem to indicate someone who has an opinion and args to 
back it up. Does that mean that "you've made up your mind," and I am free to 
dismiss your argument as easily as you did mine?



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