[eDebate] korcok hates centrist conservatives

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sun Jul 9 11:35:17 CDT 2006

more big problems for old "eagle's nest mike":

he has abandoned this debate on several occasions.

what i don't like about korcok is that he pretends to be a "middle of the 
road" conservative to leverage support for the far right.   he claims he is 
as opposed to the far right as he is opposed to far left but only  makes 
arguments against the far left.   i have not seen one argument by eagle's 
nest mike against the far right bush administration, yet.   his job on 
edebate is to provide "rational" cover for the far right extremists.   he 
should be fired because everyone knows what he is really up to.   the idea 
that this administration is a middle of the road conservative administration 
is a total farce.

republican appointed supreme court judge sandra day o'connor says that the 
bush administration is on the slippery slope to dictatorship.    previously 
posted to edebate on june 6 and unanswered by backpedalling korcok:


"Sandra Day O'Connor, a Republican-appointed judge who retired last month 
after 24 years on the supreme court, has said the US is in danger of edging 
towards dictatorship if the party's rightwingers continue to attack the 

In a strongly worded speech at Georgetown University, reported by National 
Public Radio and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Ms O'Connor took aim at 
Republican leaders whose repeated denunciations of the courts for alleged 
liberal bias could, she said, be contributing to a climate of violence 
against judges.

Ms O'Connor, nominated by Ronald Reagan as the first woman supreme court 
justice, declared: "We must be ever-vigilant against those who would 
strong-arm the judiciary."

She pointed to autocracies in the developing world and former Communist 
countries as lessons on where interference with the judiciary might lead. 
"It takes a lot of degeneration before a country falls into dictatorship, 
but we should avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings." unquote

middle of the road conservatives like arlen specter and sandra day o'connor 
are worried about the bush administration and the slippery slope to fascism. 
   if korcok truly was not a far right wacko, then he would cease from 
labelling the attack on fascist seeds sown by the bush administration as an 
age old far left oversimplification.   if korcok truly was not a far right 
wacko, he would put down his random rhetorical machine gun and stop grasping 
for straw arguments to defend this administration's assault on the 
Constitution.   in a debate society, there is no room for absolute executive 
commands without sufficient congressional oversight or supreme court 
vigilance.   we are edging in that direction.   you have to be naive, 
complacent and cowardly not to recognize this.   that's why middle of the 
road conservatives are concerned and speaking out.     when middle of the 
road conservatives speak out basically about far right fascism in the white 
house, it is "ideological" to be in complete denial and silence about 
executive abuse of power.   korcok tows the far right line: "executive power 
is not dangerous and those opposed to extreme executive power validate the 
terrorists by hampering the war on terrorism".   if you can't see the 
parallels with the hyper paranoia of the 1950s, you are helpless mike.   
tacit support of the far right makes you a debate enemy.   we are not 
presenting a far left attack on the white house fascists but a middle of the 
road conservative argument against executive abuse of power.  stop your 
simpleton roveian attempt to peg all opposition to the dictatorship 
tendencies of the bush administration as "far left ideology".   you are 
clueless and refuse to listen to middle of the road conservatives with your 
stubborn adherence to the road to fascism   machine gun korcok pulls the 
trigger on sandra day oconnor and arlen specter ---- the vanguards of the 
far left neo-communist league.   you get the ultimate bad debater trophy for 
permanent novice.

to be continued...mike korcok's definition of fascsim....

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