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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sun Jul 9 12:48:06 CDT 2006

look you have said nothing interesting but you did it in that cloying "democratic socialist" sliming through the swamp way. 
an example is how you twist one argument i make to avoid confronting it.
here is how you characterize it:
"Instead, you commit the black-and-white fallacy of accusing them of being Saddam apologists.  This is a deliberate provocation, as well as an oversimplification unworthy of a scholar who represents himself as an expert in critical thinking."here is how i make it:
"1) if you had your way Saddam and Sons would still be in power.
because the Coalition would not have liberated Iraq and you too had that deer-staring-into-the-headlights silence when challenged here 3 years ago about what you would alternatively do to remove Saddam and Sons.  true, there was the typically moronic "back in 1992 the US should have...," the creatively lefty "Cooper's Troopers, the tricycle-riding special forces mimes" and the tragically uncreative "Do Clinton's failed Kurd Insurgency again because eventually it might work" plan from Sanchez.  but as for anything worth spit we only got "unh... duh... Bush iz Dumb!"   and it is just way too late for you to come up with something 3 years after the fact, because I still have those pictures I took of you staring slack-jawed into the camera. that means the proper comparison is between the Iraq we have and the Iraq we would have had with Saddam and Sons still in charge rather than comparing the Iraq we have to an imagined idyllic and prosperous Iraq.  the latter comparison is just dishonest bullshit foisted with smarmy quips like "congratulations! the US is better than Sadaam! yay!" the proper response is "yah. better than the Sadaam and Sons nightmare we would still have if we had listened to you." 
do you care to try to make an attempt to answer the argument instead of posing all hurt and innocent as "but i am not Saddam's boi-toy and you are very very mean for implying that i am"?  because i have no idea and don't care what you and Saddam and Sons did behind closed doors.  but it is nonetheless true that if those who opposed the war had gotten their way, Saddam and Sons would still be in power.
Michael Korcok
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