[eDebate] korcok's position on 1% doctrine

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Sun Jul 9 19:52:36 CDT 2006

who cares if liberal bloggers represented 1% doctrine as risk analysis when 
it really has to do with security threats?

the first point was 1% doctrine is a hyper paranoid view that warrants 
killing innocent civilians in iraq for no reason.   for example, the 5 
rapers and murderers recently accused will make the 1% doctrine as a layer 
of deniability in their case.  there is 1% chance that any civilian in iraq 
is a terrorist so mucking up more collateral damage in a guerilla war is ok.

the second point was 1% is such a low threshold for war that it makes 
debates about WMDs and any other justification for war irrelevant.   the 1% 
doctrine is a strong executive/anti-public debate doctrine.   the iraq war 
is proof.

you took your response off into la la land and never got to ross's applied 
arguments on the 1% doctrine,   good job correcting the liberal blogs.   do 
you have anything about the edebate applications?

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