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Phil Kerpen kerpen
Tue Jul 18 13:03:43 CDT 2006

Phil Kerpen
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Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006 20:54:31 -0500
From: dianeumstead at austin.rr.com
To: kerpen at ndtceda.com
Subject: Message to post on ndtceda eDebate forum

Phil,  Would it be possible to post the following on the ndtceda eDebate forum-- I tried to 
post it, but my email 
was returned because I am not a member. Thanks, Diane Umstead

We are looking for a policy debate coach (part-time position) for the 
St. Stephen's Episcopal High School (Austin, Texas) Debate Team. Please 
contact me if you are interested.

Diane Umstead
Parent Coordinator
dianeumstead at austin.rr.com
(512) 474-0162

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