[eDebate] Farra

James Churchill Thomas jthomas1
Fri Jul 21 21:13:33 CDT 2006

<<I may not have
10-20 years of debate experience but the 6 I do have taught me one
thing: when judges are faced with straight up "you should vote this
way to preserve aff flex." vs. "limits = key to predictable debate
for the neg" that they will err negative more times than not.>>

Sounds like you need to pref me then.

<<Four cases?! FOUR?! >>

The treaties topic did not have five cases.

Similarly, this one will not have four.

Different grounds to base the decision on, different harm areas, 
different interpretations of overrule that don't unlimit the topic in a 
way that will scare judges, etc.

Plus....why is four cases bad again? Because you can "assign three 
people to each of the four and have killer neg files"? Well how about I 
assign three people to write four killer affs. TURN - better 
researched, more in depth case debates. Killer. 


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