[eDebate] Wyoming Debate Cooperative: Important Information and Announcements

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sun Jul 23 00:35:16 CDT 2006

Dear Cooperative participants:

Please read all this information carefully.  If you know of people who 
aren't on any of the various listserves and message boards who are coming to 
the cooperative, please forward this to them.

The on-site director of the Cooperative is Seth Ellsworth.  His email is 
sethellsworth [at] gmail.com.  This is an important email address: You 
should email Seth with any corrections, questions, and with answers to some 
of the questions below.  When you email Seth, put "COOPERATIVE" and your 
name in the subject line.

1. Airport itineraries:

Right now, we have confirmed itineraries from the following people.  If you 
are not on this list and should be, or if the list below indicates we need 
additional information, you should email Seth ASAP:

Kathleen Bruce
Rachel Mosely (need your specific itinerary; email Seth)
Tom Schally (need your specific itinerary; email Seth)
Caleb Anderson
James Berrigan
Robert Ambrose
James Maritato
Chris Kozak
Margeaux Lippman
Patrick Hogan (need your specific itinerary; email Seth)
Eric Shear
Alex Heur
Angie Giertz
Ruth Fraser
Alex Satanvosky
James Tantalo

2. One week or two?

There are some of you coming whom we don't know if you're attending one week 
or two.  Here is what we THINK we have (we have not listed any Wyoming 
students because we know how long you're staying); please email Seth ASAP if 
any of this information is incorrect:


Bill Neesen
Jimbo Maritato
Tyler Thornton
Izak Dunn
David Sommers
Alex Heuer
Pat Hogan
Chris Kozak
Margeaux Lippman
Ruth Fraser
Alex Satanvosky
James Tantalo
Angie Giertz
Alex Berger
Dan Peck
Desean Garnett
Paul Mose
David Milavetz
Kirby Bywaters
Coohtunich Partansky
Amber Lundy
Kyle Whalen
Jay Hubert
Caleb Anderson
James Berrigan
Lauren Barbour
Bethany Beck
Greg Walker
George Bryan
Craig Dudley


Jared Ellis
Brandan Whearty
Marie Marinelli
Jessica Reynolds
Svein Newman
Stephanie Swigart
Jennifer Hudson
Ben Martin
Mary Conolle
Jose Diaz
Kelly Ryan
Robert Ambrose
Kathleen Bruce
Raman Deol
Sasha Inskeep
Jon Woodson
Amber Green
Carrie Robin Menapace
Rebekah Lauzon
Chelsea Drucker
Kaitlin Bundock
Eric Shear
Travis Risner
Adrian Goh
Skylar Perry
Antonio De La Garza
Katherine Preston
Hailey Sheldon
Kevin Olp
Liam Meehan
Emily Samhammer
Andrew White
Zachary Schultz
Marquesa Cook
Joe Allen
Rachel Mosley
Thomas Schally
Megan Schrader
April Austin
Eric Atcheson
Gayle Fischer

3. Registration information

By the end of this week, we will post information on where and when 
registration will take place at the Cooperative.  Here are some answers to 
common questions we've been receiving:

--Your full balance is due at registration.
--You may pay with cash, checks, purchase orders, or credit card.
--The price does NOT include meals (yeah, people have really been asking 
this).  There are several cheap food options available on and off campus.
--The dorms provide linens and pillows.  If you are concerned about the 
heat, bring a fan.

4. Do you have a roommate request?

If you want a particular roommate, email Seth and tell him.  Same-gender 
roommates only, sorry.

Other questions?  Email Seth.  He is the Answer Man.


Matt Stannard
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union

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