[eDebate] Welcome home Sam - a Hornet comes back to D III

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Tue Jul 25 22:02:41 CDT 2006

As almost none of you are aware, our recent hire for Director of Debate 
backed out of his contract last Thursday for personal reasons.  We were in a 
state of panic, as the first I heard of this was the scared call of a 
debater who saw a resignation posted to the squad listserv.  We all rallied 
around the Hornet and hit the phones to find an Interim Director of Debate 
RIGHT as the topic was coming out.

Not a small task.

After many cell phone minutes, I am glad to announce on behalf of Emporia 
State Debate that Sam Maurer has accepted the Interim Director of Debate 
position.  A search will be conducted next Spring.

Sam is coming home to the program he helped put on the map in the post 
merger era.  Sam debated for Glen Strickland, myself, and then coached here 
before heading out to Wake Forest, and then Gonzaga.  Oh yeah he debated at 
Shawnee Mission North too :)

I would personally like to thank Glen Frappier and the 'zags for letting Sam 
take the position and helping out the Hornets.  I hope that someone 
understands what a great person Frapp is to work for and jumps at the 
position quickly.  Best of luck to him and his team this season.  Frapp has 
been a long time friend and a class act.  He proved it again today.  Much 
love brother.

To Sam, like the topic says.  Welcome home.  I cannot tell you the relief I 
feel to see the program in your hands after all of my work.  This is a great 
opportunity for you.  Welcome back to D III.

Thanks to Dr. Catt for being the best boss ever, Phil Samuels for being one 
of the best people I know, Glen Strickland for throwing his weight around 
(heh) and getting the job done, and to everyone else who helped support Sam 
on the spur of the moment.  We got it done.

Watch out D III.... Mose and company just got a real good K coach, and JT is 
on top of this rez... :)

Go Hornets.

Join me in congratulating Sam.

Now get your ass here so you can start cutting cards slacker ;)  I think we 
still have your D & G file...

Love you man.

Ken D.
Forever a Hornet

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