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Alfred Snider alfred.snider
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I got this today off of the Koreadebate listserv. Interesting. Melissa 
said she did not want to travel abroad, but here she is coming to Seoul, 
a huge polluted city of excitement that makes you think Blade Runner 
might be just around the corner.

And she should, as debate in Korea is in an explosive phase of 
expansion. I'll be there in mid-August.

Here is what Jason Jarvis, former Emory debater and now Korea debate 
igniter, wrote:

I am proud to announce a FREE two day debate training
workshop for University debaters sponsored by the
Korea Debate Association and the National Debate
Project (USA) at Ewha Woman's University on August 2
and 3.

This is a unique opportunity for Korean college
debaters to gain training from one of the most
successful debate coaches in American history: Melissa
Maxcy Wade.  

Professor Wade is the director of the Barkley Forum, 
Emory University's debate team which began in the
1830's. Melissa has 34 years of coaching experience
and her teams have won local, regional and national
debate championships.  Her debate teams have had
unprecedented success and the BF regularly has between
60 and 80 members.  Information about the Barkley
Forum can be found here:

Melissa will be assisted by the following people:

Stephen Chadouin, (Emory) Barkley Forum Merit Scholar
who was ranked as one of the top 10 teams in the
United States last year.

Elizabeth Jones, Georgetown Law School, formerly of
the University of Louisville where she was a National
Champion as an undergraduate.

LaTonya Green, currently a High School teacher and
former University of Louisville debater, who was also
a National Champion (Liz's partner).

Matt Stannard, University of Wyoming.  Matt was an
outstanding undergraduate debater who is now the
director of the Wyoming debate team which participates
in both Parli and Policy debate and regularly appears
in elimination rounds on both circuits.

The Schedule:

August 2
9:30 am Persuasion and Judge Adaptation (Professor
Wade)---Ewha Shinsegae Building Room 211

Noon: Lunch Break (on your own)

1:30 pm: Symposium on Counterproposals (Stephen
Chadouin and Matt Stannard)---Ewha Education "B"
Building, Room 661

August 3

9:30 am: The Art of POI's (Professor Wade)--Ewha Posco
Building, Room 361 

Noon: Lunch Break (on your own)

1:30 - 3pm: Using Philosophy in Debates (LaTonya
Green, Elizabeth Jones, Matt Stannard)--Ewha Shinsegae
Building, Room 202 

3:30 pm: Exhibition Debate--Ewha Shinsegae Building,
Room 202

The workshop is open to all university students.  To
register, you just need to reply to this email.  It is
not necessary to attend all portions of the workshop.
The workshop will involve both lecture and skill
development during the allotted time. Please come when
you have time!  

I am particularly happy to have Melissa here as she
was my debate coach and is truly one of the most
compelling and insightful human beings/debate minds
you will have an opportunity to meet anywhere in the

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