[eDebate] do hoe+korcok work for halliburton or fox news?

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Mon Jul 3 10:12:32 CDT 2006

i think the arguments against the war are sufficient and that's why over 50% 
of the people of the United States sees the war as failure.

the problem is that the neocons are secretive masters of manipulation of the 
political process such that they can go forward with a war with overwhelming 
international opposition and majority domestic opposition.

the white house memo posted yesterday proves that the bush administration 
will use deception to start a war if public opinion wanes, i.e. staged 
iranian attack on US air carrier or US planes or the purpose of the nuclear 
strikes could be to provoke iran to attack israel etc.   the whole WMD 
deception, the bugging of the UN all of these remorseless forms of political 
cheating prove that under the current forms of opposition the neocons get 
what they want through the mainstream media.

the still unanswered argument is that it's not that the arguments against 
the war need to be improved it's that they need to be presented in a MORE 
FORCEFUL manner called non violent civil disobedience since like during the 
nixon reign we are dealing with political trickery that nullifies the normal 
means of overturning a policy based on majority disapproval.  more than 
better arguments you need better strategy since this is not a level playing 
field of political discussion.   i am surprised that the tactics of this 
administration to frustrate the opposition have not yet pissed them off to a 
degree where they say "fuck you bush and your secretive dirty trickery" and 
"we know how to fight your shenanigans".   the ante has been raised on you.  
  how come you don't reraise the ante on the chickenhawks.  you have all of 
the moral high ground on murder of innocent civilians and political 
deception to justify civil disobedience.  the first day you may get 
stigmatized but the time it's all over with a plethora of sit ins that 
stigma and its power of intimidation will be way gone.  the majority opinion 
is with you and by the time you are done i bet you got 75%.

under the current regime, i challenge the idea that you are actually 
"against" the war since your "opposition" is framed by the controllers...you 
better do something quick before our messianic "president" takes on what 
seymour hersch has called his unique responsibility to deal with iran and 
hey guess what that's in the wurmser book too --- iraq=base for overthrow of 
iran religious gov't --- just ask gordeaux he's read the book which was the 
plan and guess what wurmser works in the vice president's office right now 
and his wife is some israeli type analyst -- the book is called Tyranny's 
Ally: America's Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein and you can buy it here to 
become more educated about the blueprints for the status quo and the 
immanent iran war:


wurmser conceives of a future hashemite control of jordan, iraq and saudi 
arabia like in the old days before imperialism with tribal rule directing 
local gov't modelled on the turkish empire.  that means US/Israeli control 
of mecca and medina -- how bout dat for a crusade?

guess what, ledeen, rove's big advisor, figures big here because he wrote 
the original iran debacle book back in 1981.   this is the whole basis for 
the argument that iran was connected to the PLO, the shi'a in lebanon, syria 
and that to fight the core root of terrorism you have to overthrow the 
iranian religious government.    ledeen is shady as all get out with 
probable italian intelligence/mafia connections.   he probably played a big 
role in the october surprise of the 1980 elections.  he is an apologist for 
the iran-contra scandal and claims that any congressional oversight is an 
obstacle to the fuhrer.  ghorbanifar is ledeen's big buddy and rumor is they 
met lately in italy of all places...there's some better arguments about what 
happened but your real problem is that you don't know how to oppose the war 
effectively and you are probably afraid of breaking your debate routine to 
experiment with more serious forms of opposition that could "stain" your 
teaching career.

these ledeen posts are in the archives:



>From: "Josh Hoe" <jbhdb8 at gmail.com>
>To: "Jake Stromboli" <infracaninophile at hotmail.com>
>CC: edebate at ndtceda.com
>Subject: Re: [eDebate] do hoe+korcok work for halliburton or fox news?
>Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 22:50:45 -0400
>I never said Iraq was better off without Saddam....I only said that we on
>the left should make stronger arguments against the war,
>On 7/2/06, Jake Stromboli <infracaninophile at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>nice tony snow spin on the war, hoe.   swallowin fox news for kicks these
>>iraq is better off without saddam.  is that the real story behind the war
>>the IDEOLOGICAL SPIN behind the seizure of oil fields?  halliburton is way
>>better off without saddam with a 600% increase in contracts which of
>>is not a conflict of interest with the vice-president who should be
>>impeached and not defended for deliberately causing civil war for oil:
>>then there's the email that suggests army corps of engineers lied about
>>cheney's role in awarding no bid contracts:
>>why are you promoting the spin that masks the conflict of interest and the
>>real motive for war?
>>the Project for a New American Century to which Cheney belonged planned
>>war well before 9/11 and based their reasoning on the Wurmser book.
>>officials from the first term confirm that bush wanted to oust saddam
>>9/11.  if you don't think that the primary motive is profits for
>>halliburton, then you are smoking crack.   the iraq is better off without
>>saddam is the halliburton ideology.
>>if you don't think cheney is getting paid under the table for his role in
>>awarding a 600% increase in no bid contracts through the offshore caymans
>>accounts he set up while CEO, then you are smoking crack.
>>"Congress reported that Halliburton owns 17 subsidiaries in tax haven
>>countries, including 13 in the Cayman Islands, which has no corporate
>>tax, two in Liechtenstein and two in Panama.
>>An analysis by CitizenWorks.org found a far greater number Halliburton tax
>>havens. The nonprofit public interest group found that, while Dick Cheney
>>was CEO of Halliburton (between 1995 and 2000), the number of Halliburton
>>subsidiaries incorporated in offshore tax havens rose from 9 to 44."
>>this war has nothing to do with a better life for iraqis.   this war has
>>do with military occupation of the oil fields and profits for dick cheney.
>>those who stretch ideological justifications for this disgusting abuse of
>>power which is a blatant conflict of interest are incompetent and blind.
>>murder for oil good      b/c we ousted saddam -- that's fucking brilliant
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