[eDebate] do hoe+korcok work for halliburton or fox news?

Jim Bellamere j_bella0623
Mon Jul 3 20:03:00 CDT 2006

Jake Stromboli <infracaninophile at hotmail.com> wrote:

the problem is that the neocons are secretive masters of manipulation of the political process such that they can go forward with a war with overwhelming international opposition and majority domestic opposition.

the still unanswered argument is that it's not that the arguments against 
the war need to be improved it's that they need to be presented in a MORE FORCEFUL manner called non violent civil disobedience since like during the nixon reign we are dealing with political trickery that nullifies the normal means of overturning a policy based on majority disapproval.

under the current regime, i challenge the idea that you are actually 
"against" the war since your "opposition" is framed by the controllers...you better do something quick before our messianic "president" takes on what seymour hersch has called his unique responsibility to deal with iran
First of all, again, and again, thank you Jack, for single handedly outsmarting the secretive neocon cabal.  As soon as they read edebate posts or this hits the dailykos.com, boy will they have egg on their faces!!  Furthermore, I'm certain many of the silent majority admire everything you've done for political spam in the past two months.  Listen, Jack, I'm still holding the keys here to our Spanos-bot, but you don't seem to be answering your voice-mail.  Anywho, I was thinking about an act of civil disobedience that would be perfect for you (I'd do it, but I have school, work and things seem a bit, ahem, slow for you these past seven years [how's that lawsuit going?]) so I've gone ahead a booked you a flight on Pan-Am to Baghdad.  I'd like to see the US Marine Corps even think about raping and pillaging with you as a human shield!!!  Go get 'em Jack!

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