[eDebate] the 1% doctrine really

William Newnam wnewnam
Fri Jul 7 09:03:28 CDT 2006

As long as you don't see a bunch of innocent dead guys in a bunch of different bars as a high cost, you can shoot as many people in your "strategic game" as you want.  Besides, you're so busy "screwing with" everyone else, you might not even notice them "screwing with you."  Maybe the book should be titled "The One Percent Rationalization."

bill n
  the link Ross had to the Auburn math prof had a quote Ross highlighted:  does it make any sense to shoot the guy at the bar just because he looks at you funny?  well... it may if the cost of shooting the guy is not high and if you get an instant reputation for shooting guys who even look at you funny.  you may even want to shoot a couple of guys in a couple different bars who make you even a bit nervous to drive home the point.  that may well convince everyone else to tread very very carefully around you... chances are good no one will risk screwing with you.
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