[eDebate] korcok's debate "credibility"

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Jul 7 23:36:56 CDT 2006

I predict two things will clearly emerge if Korcok does bother to respond to 

1. He will be incapable of answering your questions or arguments without 
resorting to nasty ad homs.

2. He will argue that public deliberation and debate are not appropriate in 
the context of the "war on terrorism."


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>Subject: [eDebate] korcok's debate "credibility"
>Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 17:43:34 -0500
>look, i don't care about the ad homs and the mischaracterizations of other 
>peoples' arguments, etc.
>please, explain how the neoconservative radicalism emobodied in the cheney 
>doctrine actually promotes public policy debate.  ross made that argument 
>via the 1% doctrine and you declined to answer as you have on every single 
>occassion so far when i have questioned you.
>tryhere are many examples like "with us or against us", demeaning comments 
>toward debate societies, misinformation deliberate or incompetent, 
>executive secrecy and executive power consolidation.
>you signed the rove petition about WMD deception and the need for open 
>debate in a democracy but now as things get worse and more and more lies 
>come forward you seem to be sliding into the anti-debate/ win at all 
>costs/political trickery camp.   you claim to be an independent but you are 
>more republican than arlen specter, ron paul or walter jones.
>do you think your analytical stretches mean much to the majority 
>evangelical christians who side with you?   i think they just need fox news 
>hype and that these pro-republican forces demonstrate that the bush 
>administration has moved us further away from public debating than any 
>administration in history.   if korcok's evangelical christians needed his 
>analysis to justify destroying the constitution and public debate, cheney 
>and co. would be in deep trouble.   it's much simpler than that korcok.   
>political deception and manipulation work well during war time so the 
>republicans started a war that has frustrated any meaningful public debate. 
>    your 1% doctrine is a tool for proliferating mass fear and a kneejerk 
>society constantly quickfixing core failures headed down a bad road.
>if you can't defend the administration on debate, why not just quit your 
>coaching job and work in the executive branch against public debate.
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