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matt stannard stannardmatt
Sat Jul 8 08:24:47 CDT 2006

Well, congratulations.  You proved me wrong on #2 (or you at least claim to 
value deliberation), and you proved me glaringly correct on #1 (you are 
incapable of having a debate with people on the left without attacking us, 
calling us names, and even in this case attributing motives to us by telling 
us what we're interested in (I thought it was the left that was overly 
reductionist, Mike).

Is there a threshold between public deliberation/debate and advocating 
positions we believe in?  Since when have you ever expressed a willingness, 
at least in this forum, to deliberate rather than advocate?


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>Subject: [eDebate] ans Stannard
>Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 03:36:22 -0400
>ah i block assjack's e-mail these days.  he is even more aggravating than 
>you.  what are you, his butler now?
>i rarely cast the first stone, Matt, but I certainly don't give free shots.
>i absolutely think that public debate and deliberation are important.  but 
>there is a difference between public debate and harassment.
>and too many folks on the far left have no interest in public debate:  
>their interest is in getting their voice heard, their message out, in 
>getting their way, in denigrating and harassing those who disagree with 
>them.  that is using debate as an excuse to play politics.  the far right 
>does the same thing when they are out of power and out of ideas.
>and i wouldn't have written "just shut up and debate" if I thought there 
>was any substantial chance that folks actually wanted to DEBATE rather than 
>ADVOCATE the ideological positions they were already certain of.  but both 
>the far left and the far right are wholly interested in pushing their 
>fringe ideologies.  no thanks... as the One-and-only-Real Jack said... "go 
>sell crazy someplace else... we're all stocked up here."
>Michael Korcok
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