[eDebate] ans Stannard

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sat Jul 8 08:37:37 CDT 2006

Oh, and one more thing.

> >i absolutely think that public debate and deliberation are important.  
> >there is a difference between public debate and harassment.
> >and too many folks on the far left have no interest in public debate:
> >their interest is in getting their voice heard, their message out, in
> >getting their way, in denigrating and harassing those who disagree with
> >them.  that is using debate as an excuse to play politics.  the far right
> >does the same thing when they are out of power and out of ideas.

Are you sure the right only does this when they are OUT of power?

How are deliberation and debate possible when the administration, in the 
period leading up to war usually designated as "deliberative" (that is, when 
the archetypal "national debate" is supposedly taking place) does not come 
to the public table in good faith, when they grossly manipulate intelligence 
data or in some cases create it out of whole cloth, when they are neither 
honest nor rational about their pre-war or in-war assessments, when they 
resort to dirty tricks against those who publicly question or criticize 
them, when they rely on enthymemes rather than transparent arguments to make 
their case, and when their conclusion was actually reached years in advance?

You seem far more concerned about "harassment" from people who will probably 
never be in power in this country, than about abuse of institutional power.  
And that really amazes me.


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