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Feel free to respond by answering each individual argument.  So far your 
response to me and Klemz is: "you are biased"....a claim lacking any 
warrants or evidence that I can see.  To make it easier why dont you provide 
some examples of how your belief that striking first will prevent future 

In the status quo, the Bush doctrine has:

1. Alienated our allies and the general public in almost every country.  
Anecdotally, I can report of the 8 or 9 countries I have visited in the past 
4 years, I have only met one person that didnt hate George Bush.  He was 
Israeli, and pretty much loves George, which is predictable.  This may be 
unscientific, but you would tend to think that people would balance a little 
more in their feelings about our president..........

2. Iran, North Korea: both disprove your argument.  No answer yet to my 
points on this or Klemz's.  If you make an argument I am happy to listen to 
it, but so far, all we are getting is a claim that I am biased.  I'm not 
sure exactly what that means.  If that means my perspective is colored by 
the fact that I live outside Fortress America, then I am guilty as charged.  
Undoubtedly, having to live with the repurcussions of George's actions, and 
the statements/behavior of Bolton, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz on a daily basis 
give me a unique perspective.  I am unperuaded that you would want to 
automatically/casually dismiss it without examining my claims 
though....particularly if your goal is to examine ideas objectively.

3. The SCO:  I think that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a 
significant example and a pretty big deal as it demonstrates that many 
nations are uncomfortable enough with US hegemony, and preemptive tactics 
that they are banding together to facilitate a multipolar geopolitical 
environment.  It should be very troubling that countries such as Iran (an 
enemy) and India (ostensibly an ally) are joining that group as formal 

...........after 4 years, Korea is my home, but likely not where I will stay 
forever.  It has taught me a ton about the way our country is viewed by 
non-Americans, and impressed upon me that the myopic American belief that we 
are the center of the universe is incredibly dangerous.  I am constantly 
amazed at how much others know about us, no matter what country they are 
from, and how little we know about them regardless of the size of their 
country.  That myopia is often reflected in our foreign policy/foreign 
policy debates (North Korea being a perfect example)....and Democrats are 
just as guilty here as Republicans.

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yah, you have decided as well.  it seems to me your assessments are 
you are not representing the situation in a fair and balanced manner and you 
are not presenting the successes.
perhaps you would be willing to present the counter-arguments to your 
positions?  you know, bud... switch-sides?

how long have you been in South Korea now?  like 8 years?  do you still 
consider yourself an expatriate or does it seem like home?

Michael Korcok
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