[eDebate] Quirin Decsion-is it doubly moot now?...(maybe...maybe not)

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Jul 12 11:22:34 CDT 2006

Like I posted, I am not sure ecuase I have not read all of the law reviews on
Quirin. My concern, and I realize it is way too late to do anything about it,
is somewhat different. Rather than worrying about affirmative cases, i am
concerned the negatives will not have much ground, uniqueness for any of their
positions. The affirmative can overturn Quirin in order to win X advantage, the
negative runs the disadvatages based on the avialble literature, and WAHLAH! the
2Ac beats them over the head by explaining the negativ elinks were already
triggered in the Hamad decsion and, further, the negative links were triggered
when Congress lmited Bush's executive power, and even further, the negative
links were triggered when the Executive branch granted the GITMO detainees all
the rights accorded Prisoners of War.

I recall a few years back on the Treaties topic a similar situation occurred,
one of the treaties was substantially passed during the year it was being
debated, yet affirmatives were able to still run versions of the treaty as
their case, yet escape the uniqueness to any of that treaty's specific disads.


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