[eDebate] Quirin Decsion-is it doubly moot now?...(maybe...maybe not)

Brett Wallace bretagus
Wed Jul 12 12:30:32 CDT 2006

Thats why god created the uniquness CP. 

--- scottelliott at grandecom.net wrote:

> Like I posted, I am not sure ecuase I have not read
> all of the law reviews on
> Quirin. My concern, and I realize it is way too late
> to do anything about it,
> is somewhat different. Rather than worrying about
> affirmative cases, i am
> concerned the negatives will not have much ground,
> uniqueness for any of their
> positions. The affirmative can overturn Quirin in
> order to win X advantage, the
> negative runs the disadvatages based on the avialble
> literature, and WAHLAH! the
> 2Ac beats them over the head by explaining the
> negativ elinks were already
> triggered in the Hamad decsion and, further, the
> negative links were triggered
> when Congress lmited Bush's executive power, and
> even further, the negative
> links were triggered when the Executive branch
> granted the GITMO detainees all
> the rights accorded Prisoners of War.
> I recall a few years back on the Treaties topic a
> similar situation occurred,
> one of the treaties was substantially passed during
> the year it was being
> debated, yet affirmatives were able to still run
> versions of the treaty as
> their case, yet escape the uniqueness to any of that
> treaty's specific disads.
> Scott
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