[eDebate] Please help: WGA, Berkeley, Baylor, Northwestern, Texas?

Debate Team dbteam
Wed Jul 19 21:35:39 CDT 2006

the latest calendar confirms the agreement between berkeley and westga to flip
our dates. they are jan 13ish, and we are the following weekend.


Quoting Omar G Guevara <oguevara at hotmail.com>:

> First, thanks to David for the time and effort he puts into the macro 
> calender -- I know folks, myself included, count on this information.
> Second:  WGA and Berkeley on the same weekend?  Please tell me this 
> is not the case.
> Third: Baylor -- what weekend in January will you folks fall on?
> Fourth: Northwestern or Texas? I don't want to force any decisions 
> prematurely, but my Dean asks that I have a macro calender to her by 
> the August 1st of every year (a reasonable request), and I'd like to 
> know what I should pencil in.
> If folks from this programs could please send me a quick back channel 
> to clarify the above questions, I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Omar

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