[eDebate] Welcome home Sam - a Hornet comes back to D III

matt stannard stannardmatt
Wed Jul 26 04:16:50 CDT 2006

Emporia Debate could not be in better hands.  Congratulations Sam!


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>UTD wants to welcome Sam back to D3, it will be great seeing you at
>tournaments again. We also want to say that we hope all is well with Eric.
>On behalf of the Comets,
>Scott Herndon
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>Subject: [eDebate] Welcome home Sam - a Hornet comes back to D III
>As almost none of you are aware, our recent hire for Director of Debate
>backed out of his contract last Thursday for personal reasons.  We were in 
>state of panic, as the first I heard of this was the scared call of a
>debater who saw a resignation posted to the squad listserv.  We all rallied
>around the Hornet and hit the phones to find an Interim Director of Debate
>RIGHT as the topic was coming out.
>Not a small task.
>After many cell phone minutes, I am glad to announce on behalf of Emporia
>State Debate that Sam Maurer has accepted the Interim Director of Debate
>position.  A search will be conducted next Spring.
>Sam is coming home to the program he helped put on the map in the post
>merger era.  Sam debated for Glen Strickland, myself, and then coached here
>before heading out to Wake Forest, and then Gonzaga.  Oh yeah he debated at
>Shawnee Mission North too :)
>I would personally like to thank Glen Frappier and the 'zags for letting 
>take the position and helping out the Hornets.  I hope that someone
>understands what a great person Frapp is to work for and jumps at the
>position quickly.  Best of luck to him and his team this season.  Frapp has
>been a long time friend and a class act.  He proved it again today.  Much
>love brother.
>To Sam, like the topic says.  Welcome home.  I cannot tell you the relief I
>feel to see the program in your hands after all of my work.  This is a 
>opportunity for you.  Welcome back to D III.
>Thanks to Dr. Catt for being the best boss ever, Phil Samuels for being one
>of the best people I know, Glen Strickland for throwing his weight around
>(heh) and getting the job done, and to everyone else who helped support Sam
>on the spur of the moment.  We got it done.
>Watch out D III.... Mose and company just got a real good K coach, and JT 
>on top of this rez... :)
>Go Hornets.
>Join me in congratulating Sam.
>Now get your ass here so you can start cutting cards slacker ;)  I think we
>still have your D & G file...
>Love you man.
>Ken D.
>Forever a Hornet
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