[eDebate] Agent debate - the Judiciary Branch of the Federal Government.

Noah Chestnut noahchestnut
Thu Jun 1 18:42:41 CDT 2006

I am far behind in reading the cedablog and other edebate banter, but I just read Tim's post defending the Supreme Court as an agent.  Let me stress this, I am very hesitant about any resolution that forces the aff to defend the supreme court.  So many neg debates will be agent cps, especially early on.  I'm not talking about just the congress or xo cp, how about a lower courts cp?  Tim's ev specific ev about the first amendment was discussing a lower federal court, not the supreme court.  I know that this cp had a pretty good success rate on the high school topic and that was when the rez said USFG.
  So, if we must specify an agent since this is the "courts topic", how about the judiciary branch of the united states federal government.  This gives the aff a little more flex and no one can honestly claim that this would tank neg ground.  

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