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Issues  for today include:
Topic Selection Process  (Massey)

Having participated in a variety of ways with varying success the number  one 
issue I have with the selection process is that often, the more work you do,  
the more it gives people a target to shoot at and, hence, the best way to get 
a  resolution on the ballot is to sandbag it. This is particularly true with 
the  area vote. It felt weird that I was being accused of pushing a wording 
that  didn't fall within the spirit of the area given that six or seven years 
ago I  went ballistic about a few wordings that appeared on a  final ballot that 
were more relevant to an area that lost than to the one  that won. 
I've also felt that wordings went astray when author of the topic paper  
either lost all input into the wordings or was outvoted. These are both more  
historical concerns but I think they are relevant today in that often people  feel 
like they vote for one area and get wordings that have nothing to do with  
that area.
I think the best solution would be to jettison the area and move straight  
into w
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