[eDebate] topic selection

Ede Warner ewarner
Fri Jun 2 14:53:04 CDT 2006

My suggestion is this:
1) vote for an area- by CEDA Nationals
2) Round 1 - people write competing topic papers around that area which include 3-5 wordings.  Community votes for a wording paper.  Anyone can submit a wording paper for the area annonced.  Papers due by May 1st. Vote until June 1st.
3) Round 2- Topic committee meets to fine tune the wordings given.  Role of committee is to refine the selected wordings.  2 ? would be appropriate time to do so.  Community then votes on those wordings by July 30.
Much cleaner process. Takes some of the overwhelming burden off committee.
I would like to thank Steve and the rest of the committee for their work.  I would also like to remind everyone how difficult and thankless this job is before everyone launches in on the outcomes.  There is choice in these outcomes.

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