[eDebate] Calling all Regional Student Reps for CEDA

candice moore cmoore075
Sat Jun 3 00:56:57 CDT 2006

       My name is Candice Moore I debate for Kansas City Kansas Community 
College and at this years CEDA Nats I was elected as the National Student 
Rep. for CEDA (06-07). I am posting this message because over the past 
couple of days I have been sitting in on the Topic Meetings as well as the 
CEDA business meeting(s) and some incidents have come up that I think are 
very important to the future of debate and to the future Representatives of 
the students. That being said I need 1.) to know who you are so I can better 
represent you, 2.) get your email addresses, 3.) find out if there is a 
Regional Student Rep. for every region in CEDA, and 4.) find out a way to 
write a guide for future National Student Reps with your input. I think that 
if we all get together via email that the future of every Student Rep. would 
be better off and better represented. I think this is a good starting point 
to many conversations that need to occur about our roles as the 
representatives of the debaters of CEDA as well as the communities voice as 
a whole. Also one last thing that is really important if you are not a 
Student Rep. for your region and have no idea who your Rep. is you should 
try to find out who that person is. If you do not have one you should find 
out who your Regional Rep. is and try to find a way to either become a 
Student Regional Rep. or elect someone for Student Regional Rep. Thank you 
and hope to hear from you all.

Candice Moore
KCKCC Debate
CEDA National Student Rep 06-07
cmoore075 at hotmail.com

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