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Sat Jun 3 14:03:40 CDT 2006

For those of you who watched some of the CEDA meetings you may have heard  
Kelly McDonald say that the most recent event was the most expensive ever. This  
is true despite the fact that there wasn't a "host" to collect the host fee 
and  instead that money went to CEDA. This is something that could have easily 
been  changed. Kelly's report also indicated that over $6000 was spent on  
catered food from the hotel. 30% of that, $1800, was just surcharge according to  
Kelly. That's a fact of the hotel game. When you buy food from the hotel you 
are  almost always going to get overpriced, overtaxed, over service charged 
items.  CEDA Nats should get out of that game. Will Baker actually negotiated 
down these  items pretty substantially but STILL it's ridiculous. In particular, 
should CEDA  ever decide to use the hotel model again they should notify 
participants in  advance that food won't be provided and people should prepare 
accordingly. There  has to be a better way to spend that 6k.
Tim Mahoney
2006 CEDA Nationals site coordinator
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