[eDebate] i know the topic is important and all but can i just say...

stephen davis proudsavage
Sun Jun 4 13:48:04 CDT 2006

Dirk is aight i give him some measure of respect... for a giant he can shoot
the ball...
but in no world will it be enough to rebound over the monster dominating the
paint for the heat...
im not big on shaq... i think its pretty unfair to let him play at all i
mean the guys a mutant... but since the NBA's allowing this superhuman to
play i can't even pretend for a second that Dirk, who has 0 turn around
game, defense, or agressivity in the paint, will do anything but shoot from
well,  anywhere but the paint, that dude can really shoot the ball but guess
oh who's that other dude *jason williams*.. forgot the heats guard who is
finally on a team that support him... oh and the afformentioned forward
thats a better gaurd than daniels or  harris...  no freaking contest... shaq
dominates underneath gerry stackhouse neutralized keith van horn minds well
not come... dirk might keep it close from time to time... but williams
double doubles at least 2 times (points and assists, maybe steals) toss up
between wade and shaq for mpv of the series...

heat in 4.. .no contest mavs just outmatched...

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