[eDebate] topic sucks

Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sun Jun 4 14:28:45 CDT 2006

and the whole topic selection system is corrupt.
(because someone had to complain or Hoe's prediction on April 11 would have lacked truthiness.
"I will make the radical suggestion that if members of the topic committe called every member of the community once an hour and included free tickets to a movie people would still complain. Honestly, attempts to increase inclusion have been undertaken virtually every year and people are never ever ever happy. I doubt anyone has ever said "lets stop making it better" as a matter of fact plans are underway to podcast this next meeting. Want to take bets on how many people will complain after not watching? 
My point - yes, always try to be better - but maybe people always complain not because of the lack of inclusion - but rather because everybody will NEVER be happy with the outcome of any topic process because too many people have agendas that will not be seen in the topic outcomes in any particular year."
Michael Korcok
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