[eDebate] IT professionals, geeks, graphics artists, and hackers for hire

Martin Harris mharris02
Sun Jun 4 20:21:28 CDT 2006

   Ok, preferably for volunteer, but if you require compensation, please still respond.  Last year at NCA Will Baker asked Heather and I if we could start maintaining a list of people with technology skills that would be willing to work for the community.  So, if you got em, lmk.  


John Slacker

Programming proficiencies:

asp, html, css, .net, C, C+, C#, CGI, Java, J2EE

professional experience:

Worked for two years for Acme Applications.  Primary responsibilities included developing front ends for Access, Oracle, and SQL Server.  Front ends were both web based, and stand alone applications.

Worked for three years for MX Designs making promotional materials using Flash, Premiere, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Application profiecency:

VisualStudio.Net, DreamWeaver MX, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop CSII, Illustrator CSII, Viz 2006, Maya 7, Lightwave, 3ds Max8, AutoCAD 2006, GIMP, VIM, Emacs.

OS proficiency:

OS X, Server 2K3, XP pro, SUSE linux, FreeBSD 4.x and greater

Tasks I would be willing to perform:

Design printed promotional materials
Design video promotional material
write scripts
database development
web development
Filming debates
Application development

Compensation requirements:

Willing to provide upto 5 hours a week or 60 hours per year gratis for small projects.  Larger projects would have to be negotiated.   Would be willing to work for service/internship credit with my home institution.

Martin Harris
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