[eDebate] moron president too scared to field questions after wedge distraction conference

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Mon Jun 5 16:54:37 CDT 2006

here's the video -- just walks off like a pussy


sucks living in a country where the president is so fucking stupid that he 
can' even work off prepared statements.   what a baby?  can't take the heat 
over haditha?   guess what, this pussy-ass strategy is going to sink the 
republican party even further in the sewer?  smokin too much crack before 
the conference?   can't even count senate votes, dead duck?

ps...dabaiters -- i copy the president and the vice president on every 
single post and i encourage an onslaught of hate mail to the honkey house.   
  the worst deserves to be humiliated and ridiculed to death.

let's turn this list into a roast-er and have a honkey house parody contest? 
   who can get the most laughs over the most ridiculous administration ever? 
    and proliferate the laughs throughout the land?  kind of like one of 
those hip hop contests....

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