[eDebate] BUY MY RAP ALBUM!!!!

James E. Radford, Jr. jradford
Mon Jun 5 17:21:57 CDT 2006

Dear Debate Community--

As some of you may know, I have been preparing my debut album
for the past year. Now, I have 10 huge boxes filled with a
total of 1000 CDs sitting in my living room. Be one of the
first to own this INSTANT CLASSIC! Support a fellow debater
and an independent musician and order a copy at
http://www.jamieradford.com today!! If you like experimental
rap music, or simply wish to contribute to a charitable cause
(the Jamie Radford sandwich fund), you can't lose with this one.

At jamieradford.com, you can listen to sample mp3's and see
excerpts of reviews of my music.

Thanks everybody!

Jamie Radford

<a href="http://www.jamieradford.com"><img

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