[eDebate] phone congress to foster iraq DEBATE

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Tue Jun 6 08:14:47 CDT 2006

let's upset the plans of the patriotic no-debate republicano fucks.   your 
responsibility as debaters to promote debate and i mean real debates that 
matter to this country.   quickest path to pullout.     fwd on this puppy 
and get people on the horn. see site below for PHONE NUMBERS OF 


Peace Movement to Phone Congress Demanding Debate on Iraq
    t r u t h o u t | Press Release

    Monday 05 June 2006

    United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) has organized a coalition of 
organizations, all of which are asking their members to phone their US 
congressmen on Wednesday, June 7, to urge them to sign a Discharge Petition 
that would force, for the first time, a full and open debate on Iraq on the 
floor of the House of Representatives.

    Participating organizations include: AfterDowningStreet.org, American 
Friends Service Committee, Backbone Campaign, Code Pink, DC for Democracy, 
Democracy Rising, Democrats.com, Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns, 
NETWORK - A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, Peace Action, 
Progressive Democrats of America, Unitarian Universalist Association of 
Congregations, Win Without War, and 20/20 Vision.

    The Discharge Petition, H. Res. 543, currently has 122 signatures, 
including five Republicans. If 218 Congress members sign it, a bill on the 
Iraq War will be forced to the floor, and a 17-hour debate will ensue, with 
the time evenly split between parties, and with an "open rule," meaning that 
all amendments can be offered, debated, and voted on.

    The Congressional Out of Iraq Caucus and peace activists began promoting 
the petition over six months ago as a way to force members of Congress to 
discuss a range of proposals on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. 
Debate in the House has been stifled by leadership that does not want to 
discuss alternatives to President Bush's "stay the course" policy in Iraq. 
The petition was filed on November 9, and House members were able to begin 
signing it seven legislative days later.

    Following six months of pressure for a debate, and mounting bad news 
from Iraq, Majority Leader John Boehner (R, Ohio) announced on May 2nd that 
the House would hold a debate, possibly before Memorial Day. Other 
Republicans resisted, however, and no debate has yet been held. On May 25, 
the Chicago Tribune reported that Boehner was still committed to holding a 
debate, but quoted Congressman Ray LaHood (R, Ill.) as saying, in opposition 
to the idea: "It doesn't take a political mental giant here to figure it 
out; Why would we want to have a 24-hour or a 60-hour debate on the thing 
that's pulling our party down and pulling the president down? It's a bad 

    "Our members think it would be a great idea for Congress to discuss our 
disastrous Iraq policy and to search for solutions which have apparently 
evaded the Bush administration," said Susan Udry, Legislative Coordinator 
for UFPJ. "In light of revelations about Haditha, and as we grow closer to 
the 2,500th US casualty, Congress has a moral imperative to bring the US 
occupation of Iraq to an end."

    The peace groups phoning Congress on Wednesday fear that Boehner and 
others may choose to hold a tightly-controlled debate framed by supporters 
of the war. Citizens phoning in will be demanding a lengthy bipartisan 
debate with an open rule, which will allow members to propose their plans to 
bring the troops home. Citizens will be encouraging their representatives to 
work to that end by signing the Discharge Petition and asking their 
colleagues to do the same.

    "We don't need an election-year stunt," said Leslie Cagan, National 
Coordinator of UFPJ. "We need a real debate, open to all proposals, and 
forcing our representatives to go on the record. It's outrageous that we 
have not yet had so much as a debate on the issue that Americans tell 
pollsters is their top concern. Congress never authorized an enduring 
occupation of Iraq and has never discussed it. Congress never authorized the 
construction of permanent bases in Iraq or their use in threatening new wars 
- and they have never even discussed it. The recent reports of war crimes in 
Haditha, Ishaqi, and elsewhere suggest that the occupation is becoming 
something far worse. The American people deserve to have these matters 
debated by those we have elected to represent us, and that is what we will 
be demanding on Wednesday in tens of thousands of phone calls."



    For more informtion: http://www.unitedforpeace.org.

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