[eDebate] Stromboli for real

Jennings, Andrew Joseph ajhawk2
Thu Jun 8 01:45:47 CDT 2006

I sent you a private email, but for real home dogg i would like to echo matt cook's sentiments

"I'm no naysayer- this is my second post ever- but i subscribe to edebate to
read and evaluate debate related discussion. My inbox is full of news
articles that i'll probably read on my own anyway. Please, please, please
keep extraneous stuff to a minimum. Sifting through these emails is tedious
enough. thank you. "

For real, don't make a bunch of us post anti-iraq withdrawal cards on here. i may be drunk, but come on onw, the iraq disad is badass, and you should not overpopulate this forum, a town-

andrew joseph jennings
rock chalk 08

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