[eDebate] FW: edebate postings

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Thu Jun 8 08:25:33 CDT 2006

edabait pussies go ahead and post your bad ass PRO-iraq articles --- how 
bout all those from cheney and co. before the war that the iraqis would 
welcome us and that we would have control of the country w/n one year?    
let me so many pro - iraq articles that say the war is going well --- 
jerusalem post ha'artez yeah let's see that fucking crap....

by the way, stop clogging my inbox w all of your shit about next year's 
resolution like that hypothetical bogus private sphere dabait space really 
matters in the "real world" --- keep honing your skills in an expert forum 
and shutting out the public dabaits that involve systematic mass murder that 
your complacency makes you responsible for dipshit ....

oh yeah fucking sandra day o'connor claims we are edging toward dictatorship 
and cheney's little kids want to only talk about "dabait" as they define it 

>From: "Jennings, Andrew Joseph" <ajhawk2 at ku.edu>
>To: <infracaninophile at hotmail.com>
>Subject: edebate postings
>Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 01:40:18 -0500
>mr. stromboli-
>either post this to a private email list, or i'll post pro iraq articles on 
>seriously, matt cormack asked you nicely to not post your political 
>opinions,i would respect his wishes, because it is unfair to us that 
>respect the Bush administrations opinions. also, allowing your opinions 
>would open up a floodgate of opinions. For example, i am an animal rights 
>activist, should i constantly flood your email box with tons of animal 
>rights postings? please, just post an email which requests anti-iraq 
>proponents to email you for future correspondents.
>andrew jennings

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