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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Thu Jun 8 09:59:35 CDT 2006

Attempting to replicate (as closely as possible) the new Towson model, West Virginia University proposes to host a tournament on September 16-17.  That is the weekend of Northern Iowa (which we had originally intended to attend) and Gonzaga.  This tournament is aimed primarily at schools that are within 3-4 hours of Morgantown (though anyone is welcome, and we will make an effort to attract new programs).  Here is what we are proposing:

1.  A 7 round tournament, with no outrounds (so it's certainly not about sweepstakes points).
2.  Everyone is welcome, but divisions would depend upon who enters.
3.  Round 7 would be paired high-high, and teams that debated earlier could debate again in that round (and only that round), on opposite sides.  
4.  Awards would be cheap, and would be based upon preliminary round standings.
5.  To reduce costs and facilitate Saturday morning departures for Morgantown, we would not start until 10:30 on Saturday.  We would start at 9:00 on Sunday.
6.  WVU will provide lunch on Saturday and Sunday; we will also provide dinner for new programs on Saturday night.
7.  We will provide some snacks and coffee as well.
8.  If we have 30 or fewer teams, we will be in just one building (Woodburn Hall).  Overflow would be right next door in Chitwood Hall.
9.  We should be able to get a block at the Hampton Inn (continental breakfast included) for around $70 per night.
10.  We will also endeavor to provide student housing for new programs if they so desire.
11.  Entry fee will be zero, and we should have some extra judging available for new programs.
12.  WVU debaters will participate, and they will be eligible for awards (such as they are).
13.  If people like this model, we would consider doing it again on February 3-4.
14.  This would be in addition to, not instead of, JV/Novice Nationals.

The idea is that, if you can get to Morgantown, costs for established programs would be Saturday dinner and one night's lodging at the Hampton Inn.  New programs would simply have to get to Morgantown.

Here's a tentative schedule:
10:30:  Round 1
12:30:  Round 2
2:30:  Lunch
3:30:  Round 3
5:30:  Round 4
7:30:  Dinner for new programs

9:00  Round 5
11:00:  Round 6 
1:00:  Lunch
2:00:  Round 7
4:15:  Awards
4:45:  Departure

Please let me know if you think you might be interested.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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